RDYT500 Yoga For Third Age

$329.00 CAD


This 2-day course will allow you to safely and effectively teach both group and private Yoga classes for older adults. In this course we will look at the general changes and factors that affect older adults, and discuss the possible effects they may have on the health and well-being of the Third Age individual. We will discuss methods of influencing some of these factors to improve the individual’s state of wellness, even reversing certain signs of aging in the body. We will cover ways of working with Third Age students to maximize health and well-being while respecting the limitations of their bodies, minds, and spirits. We will look specifically at the practice of Yoga asanas for mobile, as well as mobility-challenged and wheelchair-bound Third Agers. We will also discuss multiple modalities for dealing with chronic pain – a major issue with this age group.

The Red Door Yoga® Yoga for Third Age course is approved by the BCRPA, Yoga Alliance and Yoga BC for 16 Continuing Education Credits.

Date: Jan 18/19 (2025)