...control over your reactions in the face of life's inevitable swings.


    ...freedom from your unhelpful stories, no matter how ingrained.


    ...deeply to your Life's Purpose and feel joyful and alive!


My name is Kavita Maharaj, and I've been walking the self-mastery path of Yoga for 40+ years to date.  I've benefited immensely from an Eastern Yogi as a father and mentor throughout my entire journey, and I've come to know deeply that on the path of self-mastery, mentorship makes all the difference!

For the last 30+ years of living in the West I've noticed the absence of true mentorship for others working on self-mastery here. This often results in difficult and unnecessary struggles for those wishing to master themselves, overcome patterns of suffering, and gain conscious creative control over their life.  Watching these struggles, I came to a realization:  just because mentorship is not effectively extended to those outside of the traditional path, does not mean it can't be.  Hence, The Masterful Path Mentorship Program.

Through this program I offer my 40+ years of knowledge and guidance in service to your own mastery.  I look forward to you joining me, and benefiting from the ever-present support of the self-mastery community that we've created.




    Easy to digest, weekly lessons with implementation focuses that create real change and progress.


    A supportive and welcoming community group that helps each other along the path.


    Live Mentorship Q & As with Kavita to address sticking points on your personal journey.


  • ★★★★★
    "Kavita Maharaj I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your wisdom in the self-mastery program. This program is absolutely amazing as it creates a space to reflect in a safe and supported way. Each section is significant, relevant, realistic and directly applicable to real life situations. Given the amount of self-development programs I have attended I can say, this program has had the greatest impact on my self-development journey. Thank you!"
  • ★★★★★
    "One of the best parts of taking teacher training with Kavita was when she would discuss the topics that she has now distilled and organized into a program available to everyone and in which all can participate. Topics that come to the heart of navigating the Yogic path."
  • ★★★★★
    "I am new to Self-Mastery and already I trust that I am embarking on a philosophy that is natural, meaningful, and sustainable. Kavita is authentic, knowledgeable, and humble; the information is "real" and the mini sutras help me to refocus and to be present. Physical disabilities have forced me to prioritize the mind before movement, and I have realized that yoga is a mental and spiritual lifestyle, not just a workout."
  • ★★★★★
    "My yoga journey has definitely helped me with my stress level, especially this past week. It is always interesting to me when we choose a new path, that is meant to improve our lives, how it fundamentally changes us for the better. The journey can be long, but then all of a sudden you find more confidence, joy & contentment. I am very grateful I found your mentorship!!"
  • Jivi Cheema, MBA, PhD
  • Robin Kaminski, Yoga Teacher
  • Tamara Graham, Entrepreneur
  • Heather Graham, Cosmetician